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The questions to ask!

How many kids or adults?

Some people like it big when it comes to guest lists and parties while others prefer it small. The ultimate choice of party size and who is invited is all yours! But just remember that large is not always better! It may be easier to invite a smaller number rather than heaps and yes, it is definitely a cheaper option! It is good to plan in advance how many people you want to have in your place or venue. Is your home big enough to fit eveyone you want? If not then get less people over. Work out roughly how many people you want to come and be aware that the number you invite may not be the number who turn up. After all, you need to ask yourself the questions like, should I change venue. If you are running a childrens, teenager or tween party in Victoria you should be wary of uninvited guests gatecrashing the party. Yes it has happened before and in one case thousands gatecrashed a party expected to have just a few dozen guests. Yes, with online promotion of events, there have been instances of small parties in the outer suburbs attracting thousands of unwanted guests with media contingents in two ready to film the instant riots as planned. In this case the planning was by the gatecrashers and not the original party organizers! Then there is the reverse situation in which less people turn up for a party than you anticipated. This typically arises when there is an unexpected alternative event on the same day and people prefer to go to that place rather than yours. It is often embarrassing if you are the loser in such a face off.
For kids birthday parties beware of other kids born at the same time as your own and when they are likely to have their party. Nothing humiliates a child more than being stood up by their friends at their own party. Adults get over the problem, but a child may take offence over the incident for many years and even suffer psychologically as a result. To avoid a clash of dates and events, it's always good to be aware of what other events are happening. Remember to avoid those times of year that are busiest, such as footy finals, racing carnivals and the like. Yes, there are times of the year that are just too chaotic and worth avoiding, like Christmas week. In Victoria, most big festivals and events are happening in hot monrths and not in vacation seasons. This means that the busiest weekends for events, parties and the like are in the months of September to April. While you can't do much about your child being born in the hot months and wanting a birthday bash then, it is possible to be particularly aware of conflicting major events and festivals, shows and more, even if this applies in your own general area. If on the other hand your kids party or event is not tied to a particular date and not weather dependent, you may well consider moving the party to a cooler time of year, when you know there will be less likelihood of a clash of festivals, parties or events.

Party date conflicts?

While most people get on with most each other it is not rare to have people who don't like one another and better kept apart. Our advice is just to keep them apart and not invite the ones you think may be trouble makers. This goes for both kids and adults at parties. Use social media and see who gets on with whom.

Should you bring in outside help?

Think twice about this one. You see this is a critically important thing to think of when making up a visitor list. An entertainer will give you latitude to invite more people and also to have more fun yourself when having the big party. In the old days the concept of paid entertainment was something restricted to the rich and famous. Now almost everyone can afford to have a paid entertainer at their place! The advantage of these people is that you are paying them to get the hard work completed and you can have the fun. That way, you and your paid assistants can also better concentrate on making the party work it's best and so it is a date everyone remembers for a long time in the future. Also make sure you have a number of cameras and good photographers on hand as well. You can also post online images after the event and if running a corporate event, this may be good for your business!

When the guests turn up!

No matter who you invite at the next show you organise, don't expect all the people to turn up at once. They never do! With childrens birthday parties, most will be delivered to your home or venue at the time you invite them or plus or minus just a few minutes, which in real terms is as good as it gets. However for adult parties it's not rare for the guests to arrive many hours after the time you put on your invitation. These considerations are important in terms of your party entertainment as well. For kids birthday parties it is best to get the entertainer in at the same time as the children. For the adult parties, it is worth delaying the entertainment until a time well after which you know all or most of the guests will be there to enjoy it. There is nothing worse than running a show or entertainer before most of the guests have arrived.

Invitations and the response/RSVP's

Don't forget to send out your invitations with enough time for people to respond. Using an RSVP will help you in ascertaing how many people will arrive so that you can better plan the entertainment, seating and the like as well as the all important food and drink. Remember some entertainment options will charge per person, while others will not. Either way, with an accurate idea of how many people will be coming, you'll be better able toplan your party event and in a most cost effective way.

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