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School Incursions Melbourne, school reptile shows in Victoria

Schools are where kids go and education is what they go there for. But that isn't always the case at all schools and all the time. However as a rule teachers are good at what they do, but these days even the best rely on outside help to get the job done. This is usually when there is a school excursion to a place of interest or more commonly these days a school incursion or travelling show to entertain and educate the kids. School excursions cost a lot of time and money, and that's even before the learning starts. The logistics involve arranging transport in the form of buses to get the children to the venue and by the time the travelling is factored in, there isn't too much time left for the educational part of the excursion. It gets even worse when you add in the time it takes to muster the kids up to bring them home and of course the mandatory mid day lunch break which in theory runs an hour, but invariably runs longer as kids straggle and the like. A trip to a big city zoo or museum that is scheduled for a whole day, may only add up to an hour of two of so-called learning time, once you have factored in travel time, lunch, toilet breaks and the inevitable series of disasters and mishaps that accompany any day out with a huge group of kids, half of whom may not even get along with one another.
On the othe hand a properly planned school incursion has many advantages over the excursion, the most compelling being cost. Stripping out the travel expenses, the cost for the kids doing the study becomes relatively minor in comparison, usually being about a third of the cost of the full-blown excursion. This is because often the costs of bussing kids about is more than that of admissions to the venue.
The school incursion can be specially arranged to fit within the existing timetable and therefore minimizes disruption to both students and staff at the school. That is, there is no need for releif teachers and the like to mind the kids left at school who do not go on the excursions, or alternatively are from different year levels. Also, by eliminating travel time, special lunch arrangements and so on from the logistical side of the operation there is more time that can be devoted to the actual teaching and learning processes.
Schools always like to have hands-on experiences learning in incursions to differentiate them from the usual whiteboard style of teaching. Hands-on is always regarded as being superior to a whiteboard or a video!
School wildlife incursions and mobile animal shows are valuable to children of all ages and status in life and all kids will take home important messages. This may be something as simple as being don't squash an insect if you don't have to. Different grades do different things, but with animals and wildlife, they can all learn a lot at a specially formulated incursion at school.
Tame and innocuous reptiles, including snakes, lizards, crocodiles and turtles are the preferred critter for school incursions for several reasons. These include ease of transportation, abundance and variety of different kinds, safety in that most are innocuous and so on. Importantly that they can be handled by large numbers of kids without getting stressed, agitated or injured. You can't do the same with most kinds of mammals, birds, fish or invertebrates! The latter just get squashed. Because of this, by far the most popular kid's school show in Melbourne and Victoria are the school incursions with reptiles and other wildlife which are hands on and fun with animals. Only one group in Melbourne allows this and bookings often get heavy, especially at times like environment week, Science week and the like as well as end of terms and similar peak periods. So if you happen to be a teacher planning your next school wildlife show it pays to make your incursion bookings well ahead of other schools likely to want to get the same kind of incursion for their kids.


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