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Reptile Party

Here in Melbourne and the rest of Victoria, kids reptile parties were invented as a way to educate children about wildlife. They also educate about native animals in terms of conservation and such things as simply being nice to the animals. While there are many native critters that pose a safety risk, by biting scratching or similar and are dangerous to some people, these risks are not something evident in most educational reptile shows as seen travelling in Melbourne. At a reptile party in Melbourne the children are able to handle safe and non-venomous species without any risk at all. The well-adjusted captive reptiles are clean and healthy and pose no disease risk to the children, usually even if the kids ate the reptile's poo! The animals are tractable and very used to being handled and so as a rule they just don't bite. Yes this is an ever-present risk, that of bite, but in terms of the reptiles, the worst-case situation is little more than a pin prick if you have a reputable firm with devenomized snakes or otherwise non-venomous kinds. If a kid is bitten at a party, which only occurs once every few years, the child wears the pock hole as a badge of honour, although it's barely noticeable to everyone else. Many a young child has turned up to kinder or school on monday, bragging about the reptiles the wrestled on the weekend prior and begging the teachers to get in an educational and hands-on reptile incursion.
Most reptile shows include everything that is cold-blooded and able to be handled by the party children. This includes snakes, lizards, crocodiles, frogs and turtles, including big, small and absolutely huge, as well as the are-you-kidding sized serpents. Reptile parties and wildlife displays are a great alternative for well-seasoned kids who have already seen too many jumping castles, face painting, fairies shows and all the other less exciting fare commonly seen in and around Melbourne.
A reptile party usually runs for about 60 minutes when the kids are young, or aged five and under. For children older than seven years of age, the duration is typically an hour or more, while for teenagers and tweens the party may last 90 minutes or even longer as for this age bracket, they have a longer attention span and easily get addicted to handling snakes and the like! The limiting factor to the reptile party wildlife experience tends to be the age of the kids and their attention span rather than limitations of the reptiles or anything else.
While there are a number of companies who imitate the market leaders and their hands-on wildlife and reptile shows, there are several factors that make some more reliable than others. This includes factors such as safety, experience and expertise with reptiles. With only one company in Victoria that lets people handle the animals, your ultimate choice may be important. Remember a few outfits invariably only let the kids touch the animals, and sometimes you don't even get that! You will find that if given a choice, most kids will want to handle the animals rather than just look at them.
At a reptile party when children are having fun and learning while holding the animals it can be hard to get the kids away from the critters in order to do the food and cake!
The main concern for the organisers of a wildlife show party is ensure that all the kids have a phot of themselves at the end. Many people even videotape the whole wildlife and reptile display event to replay at a later time.
There are a number of so-called static displays doing the rounds in Melbourne. These are rarely suitable as entertertainment in their own right, but the boring static displays are useful as an add-on for corporate events and the like where a number of exhibits may be on hand and on display.
Rarely do most children get exposed to Australia's magnificent wildlife outside of the educational incursions of reptile parties, wildlife shows and the highly trained staff from these businesses. Only one company has a reputation for integrity and safety, which is rare in the reptile industry, where some newer operators have. For parents planning a reptile party for their kids it is an unmatched safety record that makes a company a choice not to be passed up for reptile shows and the like. Visit for more information about reptile parties in Melbourne and other kids reptile shows in Victoria.


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