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Kids birthday parties are a make and break affair. If the child and his friends have a good time, the event will be remembered for a lifetime.
Failure can mean one of those many events consigned to the dustbin of forgettable events. To make sure that the birthday event is good one can do all sorts of things to help move things along. Party food and decorations can be bought anywhere and while DIY was the standard fare for mums and dads until recently, this is no longer the case.
With the rich and famous pioneering hired entertainers for kids parties, it didn’t take long for ordinary working class people to jump onto the bandwagon.
Hired entertainers sprung up all over the place to do hired party entertainment for all kinds of kids.
Many are professionals in other fields, such as corporate team building, indoor play centres and the like, with weekend party entertainment being a mere extension of their overall business planning and offerings.
Parents planning their kids parties in Melbourne, Victoria and all parts of Australia can now hire all form and manner of entertainer to help make the day a more fun occasion.
For most parents the costs of hiring an entertainer is affordable and in the range of a few hundred dollars. The cost factor isn’t so daunting when one considers that if one does it oneself, there will be money spent on props or whatever else a similar theme may be.
Of course, the big advantage of the professional entertainers is that they do this every day and so know exactly what works and what doesn’t when they do their incursion.
Well that’s the theory anyway.
Another advantage of outsourcing the entertainment is that the parents can concentrate more on making sure they enjoy the event as well.
Hired entertainers are so common these days that they cover all sorts of entertainment offerings. A kids party may have jumping castles, clowns, magicians, fairies, makeup artists and face painters, animals of all kinds, reptile party show entertainment, paintball, home bowling, sumo suit wrestling, jelly wrestling, dinosaur suit parties, alien incursion shows and more.
Of course it is often the case that adults get into these sorts of things as well, so the entertainers often do adult parties as well, or even market their services directly at them.
It’s important to read the fine print and ask relevant questions when booking your entertainer, as they are definitely not all the same.
In one recent example a mum recently decided to get reptiles for her kids party in Melbourne. She phone a few places and went with what she thought was the cheapest outfit. After all, every snake show must be much the same, or so she thought.
However she was very disappointed. The snake handler turned up at the correct time and place and all seemed OK, until he demanded an extra $200 before he started. The problem was that he said he had a limit of 10 kids at a party and there were 20 there. Of course you can’t send 10 kids home and so the mum paid out the extra $20 per child.
The disappointment didn’t stop there. It got worse when the kids weren’t allowed to hold any of the animals. The excuses and justifications were many and included the following. For frogs it was claimed that acids in humans hands kill them. For lizards and turtles it was alleged they all had salmonella and were therefore unsafe for the kids to touch. And for the snakes, there was this claim that allowing them to hold the snakes may send the wrong message to the kids and that they’d go out into the bush and handle dangerous species and perhaps get bit.
For the kids it was like being shown a birthday cake and not being allowed to eat any.
In Melbourne the original kids reptile party show does let kids hold the animals. They also don’t limit the number of kids who attend or charge extra over and above a given number. However the relevant questions are often not asked and so many parents get a second-rate experience for their kids at a time when it is too late to reverse the decision.
There is another reason why the kids should always be allowed to handle the animals at their wildlife show parties. This is for the photo opportunities. For young children’s parties and especially for kids under the age of 5 years old, most kids will not have an independent recall of the event after a few short years. Therefore the photos taken on the day, do in effect become the memory of the event.
Nothing makes for a better memory of a kids reptile party than when there are images of the children at the show holding the animals. Kids parties may be a brief and fleeting affair for the adults, especially for the parents of kids who attend, as opposed to the party child, but for the party child and their family, it may literally be a once in a lifetime chance to give the special child a day to remember.


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