Kids Birthday Parties in Melbourne!
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The things to plan

When to party?

Beware of things that conflict with your event on the same date. Worry about another event. These competing events may wreck your whole event planning if no one can come! To avoid a potentially conflicting event, you must be aware of other kids parties, children's displays and shows in and around Melbourne. In Victoria, you should know not to have an event on an AFL footy finals day, Melbourne Cup or similar. These events seem to take over the city. Then there are times of the year that are inherantly busy and worth avoiding if at all possible, such as Melbourne Cup week, AFL grand finals, Grand Prix and so on. In Melbourne, most big events and festivals are clustered in the warmer months, September to May and not in kids holidays. This means that the busiest weeks for shows, parties and events and the like are in these months. Now if you haven't had kids yet, then plan to conceive in spring so you give birth in winter. Try not to have a Christmas baby!
While you cannot do much about your child being born in the wrong months for planning you can be aware of all the hazards and conflicts that may arise. But if your celebration is not tied to a given date you can pick and choose when to have an event and then go for the quietest date of all. Having said this, if your party is set to be outdoors, call God, or whoever you think is God and make sure the sun shines on your event! If you are not religious, then call the TV station and get their weather girl to sort things out for you. And if you can't do either, then make sure you have a plan B available in case the weather turns sour. And knowing what Melbourne's weather is like, assume crappy weather is on the cards! And of course if have to go for a busy time of year and then pray that nothing else too huge happens on the same date.

It can be anyday.

While most people want their events to be on a weekend, a weekday may be a better choice in some situations. Company events and the like may well be better organised on a weekday at a time when people will be able to come and free of other commitments. Perhaps you can ask others what they reckon is best.

Childrens parties

A mega party for the kids? Well you may have to pay for the best. Consider this option. This is an important consideration when considering your visitors. It is also relevant in terms of the date and time you are planning the party. The entertainer may be red-hot and so busy that you may not be able to get him or her. Sometimes they are at so many parties and functions and the like that they may be telling you when they are available and can come and you will have to take what they give you in terms of availability. A hugely sought after alternative for birthday parties entertainment and kids party shows in Melbourne are reptile parties and in Victoria they can be hard to secure. More guests to invite could mean you don't have to assist them so much and you may be able to enjoy the party yourself. That way, you and your paid entertainers can really make sure everyone can have fun and you can have a little bit of fun as well.

Guests turning up!

Be warned there will be people who turn up on time and those who will always be late. You probably can guess in advance which people fit into each group. With adult parties, most people are late. It isn't fashionable to be the first person to show up. With kids parties it is a totally different ball-game. Most will turn up at exactly the time on the invitation. Plan your date accordingly. Remember, at kids parties, the childrens main focus will be the food and possibly the sugar laden stuff. As a strategy try to avoid feeding the kids this rubbish until the end. That was the sugar hit wil happen when they are on the way home and not in your place. If the birthday cake will make the kids fly around the room, then make sure they eat this as they are walking out the door. And remember, be nice to the kids as you say good bye. This even applies if they've been absolute terrors. If you are horrible to kids, their parents will be even more horrible to you! Just remember, not to invite the bad ones over to your place again.


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