Adult Birthday Parties in Victoria!
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Melbourne Adults party

Getting smashed with grog is not the best way to start an adults night out or a big party. A crazy sex themse is also out of the question!
The days are over for when you could order a few slabs of beer, get a venue and expect all your guests to have fun. Now you need to do a lot more to have a good and successful adult party show in Melbourne. Whether it's for a team building corporate event or other sort of adult party, you need a good doze of worthy entertainment and probably some planning as well. Whether is is a routine family get togeather or a birthday, entertainment for the guests often takes on a greater meaning. And of course in this politically correct age, at a lot of adult parties these days you may need to consider the people's children, as more and more people in Melbourne like to have kid friendly party events. These are of course events that kids are brought along, rather than left at home with a babysitter and entertainment needs to please both them and the adults.
And of course many adults these days are just kids who did not grow up and so, clowns, sumo wrestlers, magicians, fart monsters and even face painters have moved into the adult party arena, as have dodgem cars, tasteful nude strippers who don't go all the way, paintball shooting, ten-pin bowling and the like. Pony riding, puppies and kittens, and animal farms don't seem to be too popular with many adults and their children, although wildlife shows for adults and kids are making inroads into the adult party arena. This includes adult reptile party shows in Melbourne, where wrestling friendly pythons and crocodiles is now very popular. Nowadays it's routine for the guests of honour to be seen holding a python, kissing a frog or cuddling a crocodile. Not all companies will let people handle the animals so it is important to check when booking a reptile party to see if they do in fact allow handling of the animals by the guests or audience. If you can get people handling the beasts then make sure you get some memorable images and have a camera handy. Corporate parties, major events, and functions will commonly have a hired pro on hand who will give people photos of themselves and the animals at the end of the event. Other creatures also is seen at parties, the most popular being the frogs, which seem to evoke little in the way of fear from anyone, although you often hear a scream when a tree frog leaps across the room and lands on someone's body or face. While people typically associate frogs with jumping away from people, the tame ones seen at reptile shows and reptile party events usually don't jump. They got over that idea long ago! In some ways it's a pity, but at least the frogs don't end up on the floor and get trodden on. With safety as a major concern, the reptile party is also safe in that all on hand are either non-venomous or sugically made that way. Well that's the theory anyway! In Melbourne, Victoria and the rest of Australia, only one reptile parties company has the expertise to have surgically devenomized deadly venomous snakes, while the rest are now prohibited under OH and S laws from displaying venomous species although some still do so illegally and with the corrupt protection of their mates in the state wildlife authorities. In other words, check the credentials of whomever you get in.


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